Engineering Beyond Inc. is a Canadian technology company focused on helping industries improve productivity, quality and robustness while gaining competitive advantage. With expertise in Mechatronics, Optics & Sensors, Robotics & Controls, Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Digital Signal Processing, our team is dedicated to Technology Development, System Design and Integration.

Machine Vision

We develop customized vision systems for specific industry requirements. Our automated systems acquire 2D, 3D & Spectral data through non-invasive optical sensors. The data is analyzed in real-time by our computer vision, signal processing and machine learning algorithms to extract spatial & spectral information. Through descriptive, predictive & prescriptive analysis, our systems can help with Quality Control, Inspection, Monitoring, Measurement, Analysis, Feedback & Process Control. Click here for video demo.


We design & integrate a full spectrum of production-line automation modules including:

Pre-production: Feeding, Grading, Sorting, Transferring, etc.

Production: Cutting, Joining, Finishing, Process Monitoring, etc.

Post-production: Cleaning, Sorting, Labeling, QA/QC, etc.

Controls & Data: PLC, HMI, Data I/O, Mobile Integration, Remote Access, etc.


Our areas of expertise include the following

Optics & Sensors
Robotics & Controls
Computer Vision
Machine Learning
Digital Signal Processing


We help the industry in the following ways

Technology Development
System Design


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